30 November, 2009

holiday hiatus

the SwaneeGRACE blog will be on break from now until the new year, enabling me to focus whatever energy I have (after working a 50+ hour work week) on stocking the shop with goodies galore.

but first, a little holiday advice:

1. avoid scenes like the above --shop handmade and vintage online. give good gift.

2. when in doubt on what to wear to the holiday office party, go with a little black dress. it's the fail-safe option gals have been turning to for over a century. and not without reason -- it's timeless, chic and yes, slimming.

3. drink copious amounts of eggnog. spiked, of course ( just not at the holiday office party.)

I wish all of you a merry, merry christmas and the happiest of happy holidays.

(above images from shorpy.com, an amazing photo blog well worth a visit)

11 November, 2009

give a little, it means a lot

the purpose of this post is not to tell the story of Lee Miller (pictured above). although, if you aren't familiar with the name, I urge you to get acquainted with her . just go here and here and delve into one of the most fascinating life stories of the 20th century.

rather, in honor of veteran's day, I want to share with you an organization I recently discovered that literally brought tears to my eyes. founded in 2003 by an army veteran who wanted to help his son stationed in Iraq, Any Soldier is a non-profit organization that now relies on volunteers and donations to ensure that soldiers stationed at dangerous deployments far away can feel closer to home. the fantastic site easily walks you through the how, what and where of sending either a letter, a care package, or even a beanie baby.

click on the below logo for more info.

(photo of lee miller by david e. scherman, found via telegraph.co.uk)

08 November, 2009

starlite, star bright

picked up at an estate sale recently, this vintage 1970's sweatshirt has quickly become my go-to on days off. it's super soft, and oh-so cozy. and, it reealllly makes me want to go camping....at starlite, circa 1969. although the vibe is much different now I'm sure, starlite still exists and sounds like big fun: "red neck bingo, folk music up at the cement pond, root beer float socials, late night swims, hot dog roasts, muzzle loader shooting"... suddenly, I find myself super excited for the 2010 camping season. check it here.

25 October, 2009

hauntingly beautiful

the sound of autumn.

24 October, 2009

for the love of language

ever since s.a.t prep classes, I seem to have acquired a thing for word-of-the-day type mumbo jumbo. discovered via the donut project, Chris Baker's take on an old classic will have you laughing out loud and learning at the same time.

"Many of you reading this are probably already familiar with the concept of The Word of the Day. In fact, you probably already subscribe to Dictionary.com or some variation thereof. Well, this is a new spin on an old favorite. Here’s the idea: things are easier to learn when it involves sex, drugs, and fucking swearing. Because we’re interested in that shit."

so, start improving your vocabulary today at thefuckingwordoftheday.com.

16 October, 2009

autumn aroma

I'm a major sucker for seasonal somethings -- be it a seasonal cocktail, a seasonal snack, or a seasonal song. the latter is debatable, but I do believe certain music not only evokes specific seasons but somehow sounds better in said season. (I guess it's pretty obvious what season the above are inspired by).

my preference for scents, personal or of the home variety, is also heavily influenced by time of year. my new le cherche midi No. 20 candle, which you can find here, is the most appropriate autumnal scent. it proved to be the perfect candle for a rainy october evening spent indoors, steaming frocks. truth be told, the verbiage on the box had me hooked immediately. just imagine the scene: "...reveals warmly lit corners where whispered conversations are surrounded by dark wood, leather-bound books, and cedar-wood fire."

14 October, 2009

lost, but not forgotten

at a recent estate sale, I was so flustered by the number of vintage dresses I stumbled upon, I somehow forgot about a pile I stashed in a corner (yes, there really were that many dresses). it wasn't until about 15 minutes later, when I noticed a woman checking out her cache, that I remembered those satin criss-crosses and that sheer silk chiffon...that dress she was holding, along with 6 or 7 others, was supposed to be mine.

chancing upon the above dress this evening, (which can be found here), my heart went pitter-patter. it is exactly how I remember my lost love and it most certainly was the prettiest in that pile
. luckily, I know where the new owner sells, and I plan on paying her a visit in the hopes of getting that dress back. now, I can't help but wonder if it is a sophie gimbel original. I'll keep you posted...

(above image taken from antiquedress)

11 October, 2009

sunday best

recently, I had a conversation with a friend about housecleaning. if what we were speaking of ever happens, I will rock delmeza hill's brilliant jumpsuit.

(photos taken from designer's website)

10 October, 2009

the perfect pumpkin

okay, I know this is the second fall themed post in a row (probably a major blog no-no), but today was just that good. I will let the photos tell the story. All I can say is, if you live within a 3 hour drive of dutchess county, find a way to go to breezy hill orchard and wonderland farm.

04 October, 2009

sunday scenes

(I guess it's pretty obvious I didn't do too much, other than eat and look at the sky.)

Despite the fact that my to do list for the shop is a mile high, I snuck out of the city last night in the hopes of getting some much needed r&r. Home and hosed, I am happy to report, mission accomplished! (Not surprisingly, I just could not resist a quick peek-n-poke 'round the ole elephant's trunk, one of my favorites fleas.)

28 September, 2009

nice wheels

vintage escapades would be really dreamy if I was behind the wheel of one of these.

27 September, 2009

the perfect saturday morning

this past saturday was the idyllic fall day for a yard sale. and luckily for me, suburbia did not disappoint. driving around with my pumpkin spice latte, cocooned in cozy cashmere, listening to the latest yo la tengo (which btw, is uh-maaazing), there seemed to be a tag sale sign on every corner. p-u-r-e bliss.

in my opinion, yard sales are great because there's a good chance you will actually meet your newest treasure's original owner (or at least someone who knew them), increasing the odds you may score a bit of its personal history. this, I love! I still have a dress I purchased from a lady who wore it to her first day of work in manhattan in 1967.
I think of her every time I wear it and can't help but smile.

this website will help you plan your very own yard sale itinerary. a gps wouldn't hurt either.

helpful tip: if you see lots of stuffed animals and baby clothes piled up high, it's almost
always a drive by.

17 September, 2009

let there be light

(image: ansley park glass house by BLDGS architects)

I absolutely adore my victorian apartment but for the last month or so I've been struggling to get the proper lighting for the clothing shots in my shop and I can't stop daydreaming of glass houses. while I do prefer older homes with rich history, good bones and lots of nooks and crannies, right about now just the idea of so much natural sunlight indoors is making me giddy. and to think that the ansley house, pictured above, has 100 year old bones and was transformed into a modern day architectural gem opens up a whole world of possibility -- it just may be possible to have both in the same residence. genius.

16 September, 2009

get your hunting boots ready

over the years I have spent countless hours meandering through the makeshift aisles of the manhattan vintage clothing show, held at the metropolitan pavilion in nyc. tempted by countless dresses made of taffeta, faille and silk, I have scored many a treasure at this vintage smorgasbord. an email I received today reminded me that the fall show is fast approaching. if you live near nyc, mark oct. 9-10 on your calendar because this show is not to be missed. join their mailing list here and receive $5 off your admission. happy hunting!