27 September, 2009

the perfect saturday morning

this past saturday was the idyllic fall day for a yard sale. and luckily for me, suburbia did not disappoint. driving around with my pumpkin spice latte, cocooned in cozy cashmere, listening to the latest yo la tengo (which btw, is uh-maaazing), there seemed to be a tag sale sign on every corner. p-u-r-e bliss.

in my opinion, yard sales are great because there's a good chance you will actually meet your newest treasure's original owner (or at least someone who knew them), increasing the odds you may score a bit of its personal history. this, I love! I still have a dress I purchased from a lady who wore it to her first day of work in manhattan in 1967.
I think of her every time I wear it and can't help but smile.

this website will help you plan your very own yard sale itinerary. a gps wouldn't hurt either.

helpful tip: if you see lots of stuffed animals and baby clothes piled up high, it's almost
always a drive by.

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