16 October, 2009

autumn aroma

I'm a major sucker for seasonal somethings -- be it a seasonal cocktail, a seasonal snack, or a seasonal song. the latter is debatable, but I do believe certain music not only evokes specific seasons but somehow sounds better in said season. (I guess it's pretty obvious what season the above are inspired by).

my preference for scents, personal or of the home variety, is also heavily influenced by time of year. my new le cherche midi No. 20 candle, which you can find here, is the most appropriate autumnal scent. it proved to be the perfect candle for a rainy october evening spent indoors, steaming frocks. truth be told, the verbiage on the box had me hooked immediately. just imagine the scene: "...reveals warmly lit corners where whispered conversations are surrounded by dark wood, leather-bound books, and cedar-wood fire."

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  1. Oh snap! a shout out to Eileen, it's true that customer service is of the utmost importance to her.