14 October, 2009

lost, but not forgotten

at a recent estate sale, I was so flustered by the number of vintage dresses I stumbled upon, I somehow forgot about a pile I stashed in a corner (yes, there really were that many dresses). it wasn't until about 15 minutes later, when I noticed a woman checking out her cache, that I remembered those satin criss-crosses and that sheer silk chiffon...that dress she was holding, along with 6 or 7 others, was supposed to be mine.

chancing upon the above dress this evening, (which can be found here), my heart went pitter-patter. it is exactly how I remember my lost love and it most certainly was the prettiest in that pile
. luckily, I know where the new owner sells, and I plan on paying her a visit in the hopes of getting that dress back. now, I can't help but wonder if it is a sophie gimbel original. I'll keep you posted...

(above image taken from antiquedress)

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