30 November, 2009

holiday hiatus

the SwaneeGRACE blog will be on break from now until the new year, enabling me to focus whatever energy I have (after working a 50+ hour work week) on stocking the shop with goodies galore.

but first, a little holiday advice:

1. avoid scenes like the above --shop handmade and vintage online. give good gift.

2. when in doubt on what to wear to the holiday office party, go with a little black dress. it's the fail-safe option gals have been turning to for over a century. and not without reason -- it's timeless, chic and yes, slimming.

3. drink copious amounts of eggnog. spiked, of course ( just not at the holiday office party.)

I wish all of you a merry, merry christmas and the happiest of happy holidays.

(above images from shorpy.com, an amazing photo blog well worth a visit)

11 November, 2009

give a little, it means a lot

the purpose of this post is not to tell the story of Lee Miller (pictured above). although, if you aren't familiar with the name, I urge you to get acquainted with her . just go here and here and delve into one of the most fascinating life stories of the 20th century.

rather, in honor of veteran's day, I want to share with you an organization I recently discovered that literally brought tears to my eyes. founded in 2003 by an army veteran who wanted to help his son stationed in Iraq, Any Soldier is a non-profit organization that now relies on volunteers and donations to ensure that soldiers stationed at dangerous deployments far away can feel closer to home. the fantastic site easily walks you through the how, what and where of sending either a letter, a care package, or even a beanie baby.

click on the below logo for more info.

(photo of lee miller by david e. scherman, found via telegraph.co.uk)

08 November, 2009

starlite, star bright

picked up at an estate sale recently, this vintage 1970's sweatshirt has quickly become my go-to on days off. it's super soft, and oh-so cozy. and, it reealllly makes me want to go camping....at starlite, circa 1969. although the vibe is much different now I'm sure, starlite still exists and sounds like big fun: "red neck bingo, folk music up at the cement pond, root beer float socials, late night swims, hot dog roasts, muzzle loader shooting"... suddenly, I find myself super excited for the 2010 camping season. check it here.