04 January, 2010

shop crush: mother's daughter

why, oh dear why, must I be allergic to wool??? I am seriously coveting everything in this ever-so-fab fledgling shop!

and if it wasn't for my aforementioned allergy, all, and I mean
of the above would have been snatched up by moi -- #1, #4, #6, and this fox-trimmed coat, are already en route. I actually had a daydream of wrapping myself in saran wrap so I just might be able to wear #2 and #5! if only once, for a few hours at least...I mean, those colors and those cuts. too perfect.

hayden, the sweet shopkeeper, stocks the shop with all sorts of vintage clothing gems and little etceteras of fashion: the type that make the heart go pitter-patter. you can check it all out here.
get ready to swoon.

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