30 March, 2010

downpour days

commuting in nyc today was utter misery...cold and windy with that lovely sideways rain. everywhere I looked I saw flimsy umbrellas flailing in the wind while others, long forgotten, lay busted on the ground.

but not mine. mine was like the rock of gibraltar. it didn't turn inside out, buckle or even flutter. and yes, of course, it was vintage. it's yet another addition to the long list of things that was just better made back then.

so for the girl who values quality and wants to look cute even in a rainstorm, either of the above will serve you well.

1950's Persimmon Tassel Umbrella from etsy's jessjamesjake
bottom: Poppy Umbrella from etsy's CHICaDees

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh, I love rocking vintage umbrellas! SO durable, and ready for many spring showers. Thanks so much for the feature. xo, jess